What determines the cost of my auto insurance?

What determines the cost of my auto insurance?

Auto insurance premiums are calculated using a many factors—and some insurers give more weight to some factors than others. The cost of an auto insurance policy is generally determined by the amount of coverage, types of coverage chosen and other factors.

“What Determines the Cost of My Auto Insurance”

Auto insurance premiums are determined using a wide variety of factors.*

In general, auto insurers factor in information about:

  • Your Car
    • What and How much you drive.
      • WHY? Some cars are more expensive and costlier to repair than others – and the more miles you drive, the more likely you are to have a crash.
    • Where Your Car Lives
      • WHY? Densely populated places tend to have more crashes, thefts, and vandalism. Also, medical and litigation costs are higher in some states than others.
  • You
    • Your driving record
      • WHY? Those with clean driving records generally pay less.
    • Your sex, age, and  credit history
      • WHY? Women get into fewer crashes; younger, inexperienced drivers get…[…]

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