How to Have Fun While Staying Safe at a College Halloween Party

How to Have Fun While Staying Safe
at a College Halloween Party

Halloween is the quintessential occasion for college students nationwide, to coordinate costumes with their friends, indulge in parties or pub crawls, forget about upcoming exams or term papers, and simply let those good times roll.

However, this lighthearted holiday does not come without its share of potential safety risks. Assault, alcohol poisoning and illegal substance ingestion can sometimes run rampant around college campuses during Halloween. Not only are these threats probable, but oftentimes they occur at higher rates than the average student might realize.

The following tips will equip you with the knowledge and ability to take precautionary measures against these hazards, while still ensuring an enjoyable and memorable Halloween experience.


Stay Alert and Do Not Accept Handouts

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 35 of every 1,000 female college students, will be sexually assaulted each year. Halloween costume parties can provide the ideal atmosphere for perpetrators to target their victims, and 9 out of 10 women personally know their attacker. You should never, under any circumstance, accept alcohol handouts. If you’d rather avoid perceived rudeness, take the beverage in question then, privately throw it away.

Go with a Group and Leave with the Same Group

If you and your friends attend a Halloween party together, try and remain as a unit throughout the festivities. Discourage any group members from venturing off alone, but if someone is adamant about doing so, make sure everyone else knows this person’s general whereabouts. Also, be sure to designate a central meeting point after the party.

Eat and Hydrate Properly Before the Party

When preparing to consume alcohol, especially in large quantities, remember to eat sufficient meals and drink water throughout the day. Adequate nourishment will help your body stave off intense blood alcohol level spikes once you begin drinking. Additionally, this can minimize[…]

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