Crop Insurance and Farmer’s Markets

Crop Insurance and
Farmer’s Markets

Crop Insurance is a necessity for farmers. Living in a rural community, we know this first hand. While farmer’s make sure to support our local production, they also have to make sure their risks are covered. They do this through crop insurance. Crop insurance will help cover natural disasters, fires, and so much more.

Help Support Local Farmers

Did you know that you, members of our small, great community, can help support our local farmers? Spring is almost here and that means Farmer’s Markets will be opening up across our counties. Go out and buy fresh produce! You know the quality of local fruits, vegetable, nuts, and other foods are better. You can even help save the environment by helping cut down on gas, fewer pesticides, and better suited for local allergies. Not to mention, you’ll get to meet people in your community.

Check out this article HERE to see why shopping local is a great thing to do!


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