Seven Low-Cost Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for Severe Weather

Seven Low-Cost Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for Severe Weather

If severe weather―including tornadoes, hail, or high winds―has been forecast for your area, follow these last-minute steps to help reduce damage to your home.

1. Close your garage door and all interior doors

Give your roof a fighting chance.

In addition to closing exterior doors and windows, closing your garage door all the way and closing all interior doors can give your roof a fighting chance in high winds. If a window is broken by flying debris or a door has blown open, your house will rapidly fill with air. This will cause a dangerous increase in the forces pushing on your roof―imagine a balloon inflating inside your house.

Rigorous scientific wind testing on a full-scale 1,400-square-foot single-story home at the IBHS Research Center reveals that closing interior doors helps compartmentalize the pressure inside a home into smaller areas, reducing the force on the roof by as much as 30%. That gives the roof a better chance of staying intact.

2. Tidy up outdoors

Items on the lawn or patio could become flying debris and damage your home.

Move items like patio furniture, plant pots, bicycles, grills, garbage cans, and children’s toys into a garage or storage building before you leave home for the day.

3. Organize your garage

Parking in your garage is an easy way to prevent damage to your vehicle.

Organize your garage so you can easily park your car under cover when severe weather, especially hail, is in the forecast.

4. Locate and prepare a safe place

Being prepared will keep you safer in an emergency.

Designate a safe room and then […]

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