Why Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

Why Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

The Wedding Protector Plan from Travelers helps couples protect their special day, which can be a significant financial investment. Hoping, planning and dreaming sometimes just isn’t enough. A wedding insurance policy can help protect you against the most common wedding insurance claims. For example, 40% of Travelers wedding claims in 2017 were due to vendor issues and 23% were due to weather problems. Sickness, wedding day accidents, military deployments and more account for the rest of potential wedding day claims. Explore the infographic to see how wedding insurance can help protect your big day.

Rain on you wedding day isn’t always good luck!

The Wedding Wish-NOT List

Hoping, planning and dreaming just isn’t enough.

40% – VENDOR ISSUES – Vendors didn’t keep their vows. Venues closed, photographers didn’t show up, and bands broke up.

23% – WEATHER ISSUES – Mother Nature forgot to save the date. Hurricanes took the cake in 2017 with one of the most active seasons on record…

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