Tips for riding at night

Tips for riding at night

Most bikers have ridden at night. Sometimes you can’t avoid it, or maybe you just enjoy it! It can be pretty, with city lights or starry skies and the open road – but it can also be extremely dangerous. Night riding is not impossible, you just need to make smart choices and be cautious on the night roads.

The number one cause of nighttime accidents is a lack of visibility. Beyond the obvious lack of sunlight, riders experience impaired depth perception vision impairment due to fatigue. When riding with decreased visibility, try the following:

  • Lower Speed. Slow down. Follow the night riding common rule-of-thumb: never outride your headlights. For example, if your headlights shine to the tree line, make sure you can stop before you pass the tree line. This will prevent you from riding too fast into an unseen object or hazard.
  • Adaptive Headlights. Standard headlights provide minimal illumination. Adaptive LED headlights provide a brighter view of the road with an […]

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