Responding to a Data Breach Takes a Team

Responding to a Data Breach Takes a Team

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Small and mid-sized businesses may be the most vulnerable, and least prepared, to handle a data breach. Without employees trained to handle the technology, legal and public relations questions that a breach can bring, the effects on the business can be catastrophic.

An estimated 4,000 ransomware attacks a day target small to mid-sized businesses.1 “Not every event is the same, but almost all events require a team of people working together,” said Tim Francis, Travelers Enterprise Cyber Lead. “One of the worst things we see is when companies try to go it alone.”

Before a Breach: Protecting Data and Training Employees

Pre-breach services, from employee training to cyber assessments, can help companies protect their systems and their data and make them better able to withstand an attempted attack. Backing up critical data and training employees to recognize and report a breach sooner can be critical steps in containing the damage.

As part of Travelers offering of pre- to post-breach solutions, Travelers has partnered with various cyber security companies to offer Travelers cyber customers access to training videos, a cyber resilience readiness assessment and a consultation with a cyber security professional to help identify areas of weakness or vulnerability.

Cyber Risks and Your Business [Video]

Small and medium-sized businesses may be at the greatest risk of a cyber breach, and the least prepared to handle it. Learn how Travelers can help.

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Cyber risks and your business

Managing a Breach: Knowing Where to Start

Travelers has created a network of cyber specialists to help manage the fallout of an attack. A data breach coach is an attorney specializing in cyber security events who can guide businesses in taking the right steps to recover in the critical hours and days following an attack. Acting as a first responder, the breach coach helps triage response efforts, including isolating affected data, notifying customers and retaining forensics professionals.

After a breach, a company’s data is a virtual crime scene. Handling it properly requires […]

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