Plan a safe driving route with these 3 things in mind

Plan a safe driving route with these 3 things in mind

Whether you’re driving to your vacation destination or planning your route to work, there are tips and tools you can leverage to plan your safest driving route and give you additional peace of mind behind the wheel.

After all — long or short — you want your journey to be a safe one. By planning ahead and using technology, you’ll reduce your driving risks while saving yourself and your passengers time and stress.

Consider these three things when planning your safest driving route:

1. Implement a safe driving app (or two).
Before you head out the door, consider downloading a safe driving app or route planning app. Many apps can help drivers find peace of mind for themselves or their loved ones while on the road. For example, if you get distracted often by incoming calls or texts while driving, consider an app that will put your phone on “do not disturb mode” the second you start moving. There are also apps that can help you control your driving speed or help parents support safe driving habits for young drivers.

For example, the route navigation app Routewise by TNEDICCA helps drivers understand accident frequency along a certain route and provides trip feedback as well as recommendations on safer route alternatives. According to TNEDICCA, 10% of crash locations account for more than 66% of all crashes. Knowing exactly what areas to avoid on your trip could potentially make a big impact on the overall safety of your journey.

2. Be mindful of rush hours and popular travel times.
When planning your travel route, keep in mind the time of day and the time of year you’re traveling. By planning your trip times to avoid city rush hours, you’ll drive safer with fewer drivers on the road and have the additional bonus of minimizing potential delays to your trip.

Route planning apps can help you set your departure time by showing how long it’ll take to reach your destination depending on the time you leave. These apps can also alert you to potential hazards ahead so you’re aware of potential road delays or slowdowns.

Travel during the holidays can also increase traffic and the chance of accidents. According to the NHTSA, there are generally more crash fatalities during […]

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