Mobile Home Roof Repair

Mobile Home Roof Repair

If your ceiling is water stained, it’s a safe bet you have either a roof leak or a condensation problem. It’s important to figure out what type of stain you have before you repair your ceiling.

Mobile Home Roof Coating

Fortunately, these stains are easy to identify. The condensation stain is usually found on a ceiling panel near an exterior wall, often in a corner. Instead of one large stain, you’ll see several smaller circles of stains. These stains vary in size and shape, but they tend to have white centers. Condensation stains appear even if there has not been a rainstorm.

The rain leak stain can be found anywhere on your ceiling: near an exterior wall, surrounding a ceiling fixture, around a ventilation pipe or even in the center of the ceiling. This stain tends to be concentric rings that get progressively lighter as they move outward. The center stain is dark, because it is the oldest stain. Each “ring” by the way, is a separate occurrence. If you see lots of rings surrounding the dark stain in the middle, you know the roof leak has been around for quite some time.

Finding The Roof Leak

Don’t bother replacing the stained ceiling panel(s) until you have stopped the roof leak. To do that, you first must locate the leak. If you’re lucky, the leak will be a small roof hole right above the ceiling stain. Unfortunately, roof leaks are rarely that easy to find. It’s possible the hole in the roof is not even close to the stain in the ceiling. It’s also possible the hole is a tiny space between the flashing and the roof.

To find the roof leak, you must check the entire roof very carefully. Remember to walk on the rafters or a sheet of plywood so you don’t damage the seams. Be sure to inspect:

  • The J-rail or gutter system.
  • The flashing around vents, pipes and roof windows.
  • The seams and seals.
  • Any loose shingles.
  • Any rusted or worn-looking areas.
  • Any rumble buttons. (If you don’t have rumble buttons, don’t add any!)

What if you don’t find a roof leak? Your best remedy is to clean the entire…

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