How to Keep Warm During Winter

How to Keep Warm During Winter

Winter is a wonderful time of year filled with holidays and fun, but freezing temperatures can make it harsh to even step outside. Even if you’re in the coldest climates, you can easily find ways to stay warm and cozy indoors or outside. By wearing the right clothes and maintaining your home’s temperature, you’ll be nice and toasty throughout the season.


Retaining Heat Outdoors

  1. Limit the time you go outdoors. If you’re too cold, avoid going outside unless you absolutely have to. When you do go outside, walk quickly so you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the cold. Stay in the sun while you are outside to naturally stay warm.[1]

    • If you’re playing or working outside and the weather is below freezing, take inside breaks every 15-30 minutes to warm up again.
  2. Move around. When you feel yourself getting cold, pick up your pace and start moving. Your body temperature will rise while you’re active. Limit taking long breaks to avoid cooling down. Stay at a comfortable pace so you don’t sweat, since it could make you colder.[2]
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    Layer your clothes. Use cotton, wool, or fleece long-sleeved clothing since these materials work the best at maintaining body heat. Find slim-fitting clothes for your underlayer if you don’t want to look bulky. Two or three layers work fine depending on the temperature, but the more layers you wear, the warmer you’ll stay.

    • The air between your layers of clothes holds heat and helps keep you warm.
    • Use a pair of long underwear, or long johns, as your base layer. Many pairs are meant to dry quickly in case you get them wet with snow or slush.
    • Flannel shirts are soft, thick, and stylish to wear while trying to stay warm.

    Layering Ideas
    • T-shirt, flannel shirt, down vest
    • Undershirt, wool sweater
    • Shirt, cashmere cardigan, down coat

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    Wear a hat to keep in body heat. Find a knit or wool hat that fits over your ears to prevent any body heat from escaping through your head. For extra warmth, wear hats with a fur or synthetic fur lining. Keep hats on when you go outdoors, especially if the temperatures are below 32 °F (0 °C), so you don’t get frostbite.

    • If your scalp is cold, your core temperature will drop faster than it normally would.
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    Wrap a scarf around your mouth and neck. Tie your scarf so it doesn’t come undone. Keep your mouth covered since the heat from your breath will help your face stay warm.

    • It’ll look a little funny, but wear a ski mask while playing outdoor sports or shoveling since a scarf might get in the way.
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    Bundle up in a large coat when you go outside. Put on a coat lined with wool or down that’s made for handling cold temperatures. Zip the coat all the way up to keep your core warm. The coat will protect you from the wind and elements whenever you’re outside.

    • Wear a water-resistant coat if it’s wet or you plan on playing or working in the snow. That way, your clothes won’t stay wet while you’re outside.
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    Keep your hands warm with gloves. Wear gloves with a fleece or wool liner to keep your hands warm and to prevent them from drying out. If you plan on being active in the snow, find gloves made of a waterproof material so your hands don’t get wet. If you want to be able to use your phone, make sure you get ones that work with a touchscreen.

    • Mittens will keep your hands warmer, but you’ll have more limited dexterity.
    • If you don’t have gloves, keep your hands in your coat pockets as much as you can.
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    Wear boots and wool socks if you plan on going outside for a long time. Wool socks and insulated boots will help keep your feet warm and prevent them from getting wet from snow or slush. Boots also have thick, non-slip soles so you’re less likely to slip and fall. Leave your boots near a heat source in your home at night to let them dry for the next time you use them.

    • Always bring a backup pair of shoes so you don’t have to wear boots all day.
    • Find socks that are moisture-wicking so they stay drier. If you have wet feet, you’ll get cold.


Staying Warm Indoors

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    Consume hot food and drinks. There’s a reason why everyone makes soup in the winter, and that’s because it warms your body up. Aim to have at least one hot meal a day that’s high in carbs. Pair your meal with a hot herbal drink or decaf coffee to feel nice and toasty throughout the day.

    • Caffeinated drinks increase your blood flow, but decrease your body temperature over time.
    • Avoid drinking alcohol since it lowers your body temperature.

    Ideas for Food and Drinks to Make
    • Hot cocoa
    • Beef stew
    • Lentil soup

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    Stay cozy underneath blankets if you want to relax. Find a fleece or wool blanket to lie under when you’re lounging around. Even covering up just a part of your body will help raise your body heat. When you’re sleeping, keep the blanket on top of your sheets to add a bit of extra warmth.

    • Electric blankets can be purchased at most stores and heat up when they’re plugged in. Use an electric blanket if you want extra warmth while you’re cuddling in. Make sure to turn off the electric blanket before you fall asleep to prevent any fire hazards.
    • Blankets get thinner as they age. Consider getting a new blanket if the one you have is over 5 years old.

    Tip: If you only get mildly cold while you sleep, put a blanket on top of your duvet or comforter. If it’s especially cold at night, put the blanket between your duvet and your sheets for more insulated warmth.

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    Keep hand and foot warmers nearby. Hand and foot warmers are single-use packages that generate heat when they’re exposed to air. Break open the outer packaging and shake the interior packet. The packets reach a temperature of about 135 °F (57 °C) for a few hours.

    • Foot warmers fit inside of your […]

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