How to fully insure your jewelry and engagement rings

How to fully insure your jewelry and engagement rings

Coverage for jewelry is often limited on insurance policies. A lot of times, coverage depends on how much your jewelry is worth and the type of loss (theft, fire, etc.). Long story short: If you want to be sure your jewelry is fully covered, you need to add it to your policy.

This is technically called scheduling an item or adding a rider, but it’s really just like listing a special one-off item on your policy. If you have a Progressive policy, just tell us about your jewelry, and we’ll insure the appraised value against a variety of types of losses. If you schedule jewelry, you won’t have a deductible.

Why isn’t jewelry automatically insured?

A lot of customers want to know why jewelry isn’t just covered. Insurance companies won’t assume that you have expensive items. You’d then be paying for insurance you don’t need. If insurers built in extra coverage to all policies for a $5,000-$10,000 engagement ring, everyone’s price would be[…]

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