Curing Sea Sickness

Curing Sea Sickness

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No matter how much you enjoy being on the water, suffering from nausea and fatigue on a boating excursion might make you wish your feet were planted on land. According to Montavit, about 10% of the population is extremely sensitive to motion sickness, with another 75% subject to occasional motion sickness. This travel illness can take a nice trip out at sea and turn it into a nightmare, but don’t fret, I’ve got the answers for you. Here’s some useful info on sea sickness so you can have a fun day out on the waves!

Why do I experience sea sickness?

Sea sickness is defined as motion sickness that happens on the water. The inner ear becomes unbalanced due to the rocking motion of a boat or ship and can have side effects like a cold sweat, upset stomach, fatigue, and/or nausea and vomiting.

6 Methods to Cure Sickness

  • Situate yourself in the middle of the boat. The middle of the boat has the most stability and will not feel as topsy-turvy as the back, front and sides may feel. If your boat doesn’t have a place to sit in the middle, the front is the next best spot.
  • Steer the boat. Even better than sitting in the middle or front, having control of your surroundings will help control your nausea because you will be able to anticipate those major turns and wave maneuvers.
  • Find something stable to fix your eyes on. Finding something stable like the horizon to fix your eyes on will help…

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