(BOP) Business Owner Policy

(BOP) Business Owner Policy

Get general liability, workers comp, property protection and more – all in one place

Who needs a business owners policy?

All small businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, and independent contractors typically need a BOP to safeguard against unexpected financial losses beyond general liability claims. BOP protects your small business.

What’s in a business owners policy (BOP)?

A simple definition of BOP might contain only a few coverages, such as:

  • General liability – Provides protection if you cause bodily injury, property damage, personal injury or advertising injury.**
  • Property – Provides replacement cost coverage for buildings and most business owners’ personal property.
  • Professional Liability – Do you give professional advice or provide a professional service? If so, you should probably carry professional liability insurance. This can be endorsed to your BOP.

But you might be exposed to other risks…

Continue reading on Progressive to make sure you are fully covered with your BOP!


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