Boat Trailering Tips

Boat Trailering Tips

Boat on trailer being towed by pickup truck traveling on the road behind a semi

A day spent boating is the kind of thing you daydream about—many of us crave time on the water, rocking with the waves and basking in the sun. But before getting to smooth sailing, you need to try your hand at the art of boat trailering.

If you’re new to hauling a boat, these tips will help you build confidence and get comfortable with towing a boat from point A to point B. If you’re already an experienced boat-trailering captain, this will serve as a helpful refresher course before your next outing.

Without further ado, here are eight tips for a trouble-free trip to the boat ramp!

  1. Experience leads to confidence.
    Practice so you can get comfortable with trailering. Find a large, open space—like an empty parking lot—and put down some orange cones or life jackets. Then spend time learning to back up, make turns and avoid obstacles.
  2. Backing up takes extra practice.
    Most people find driving in reverse while towing a boat to be the toughest, so work on honing this skill. Remember that backing up in a straight line is almost impossible. Instead, focus on moving in the right direction with slow, slight turns.
  3. Level-up your mirrors. 
    Big, extended side-view mirrors are definitely a great idea for trailering, especially when you tow on busy roads. Attachable side-view mirrors are available for purchase when you need to increase visibility.
  4. Swing wide when tackling turns.
    To ensure you don’t hit curbs or other vehicles with your boat, take turns extra-wide. If you can, try to prepare for[…]

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