Safety Tips For Driving In Fog

Safety Tips For Driving In Fog

Driving In Fog

Driving in fog is considered to be the most dangerous weather hazard, especially if it is exceptionally dense fog or combined with other adverse weather conditions. Foggy conditions are the number one cause of large multi car pile ups. However, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk of a crash.

Fight Your Subconscious

During dense fog, a very scary things happens to people while they are driving. They unknowingly speed up! Of course, we all know that speeding up in fog is the worst thing you can do, but fog creates an optical illusion. As you look out your windshield, your body perceives that you are driving very slow. Since most people become nervous in fog, they don’t look down at their speedometer. Over time, they begin going faster and faster. This is hands down the most dangerous aspect of driving in fog. Make a conscious effort to glance at your speedometer every now and then. There’s a good chance you keep speeding up, without knowing it!

Be Seen

Driving In Foggy WeatherAlways keep your headlights on when driving in foggy conditions. Your daytime running lights aren’t enough. Many people turn their lights off as they feel their headlights are blinding them from reflecting off the fog, but you essentially become a “ghost car” when this happens. Your headlights aren’t so you can see better, it’s so others can see you! If your car is equipped with fog lights, use those too. When driving in fog, it’s very important to stay visible to others.

Tips For Driving In Fog


Don’t Use High Beams

You should never use your high beam headlights in foggy conditions. Your high beam headlights reflect off of the water vapor and actually decrease your visibility. You may feel that your low beam headlights are doing the same thing, but again, keep them on. It’s the best way for you to be seen.

Follow The Lines

When driving in fog, it’s a good idea to follow the lines on the road with your[…]

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