5 Smart Devices To Protect Your Home While You Are Away

5 Smart Devices To Protect Your Home While You Are Away

Summertime is vacation season for many families. But, being away can cause extra worries about the security of your home.

Whether you’re gearing up for the beach, heading to the lake, or hopping from one home to the next during the summer, there are amazing smart home products that can give you the advantage against burglary.

  1. Smart security cameras. From the convenience of your mobile device, you can watch a live feed of every corner of your home as well as receive notifications when the camera’s motion sensor detects any activity. Since you can place these cameras anywhere, it’s a great way to keep tabs on vulnerable areas such as driveways or carports that aren’t typically monitored by home security systems. Plus, you will no longer need to invest in hiring a security company to install a system. Today, there are many DIY options that are simple to install, extremely effective, and can be controlled through stress-free mobile apps. SimpliSafe, Nest, and Wink all have superb ratings and are user-friendly.
  2. Smart Outlets.  Remote control electrical outlets and smart plugs are the way to go when you need to control household electronics from the road. Smart outlets transform practically any appliance or electronic into a smart device. All you need to do is plug a device you want to control into the smart outlets around your home. Then, use a corresponding app on your smart device to set timers, turn lights on or off, and more. The Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch is a top seller, and products like the Belkin WeMo Switch, Edimax Wi-Fi Smart Plug, AVANTEK Remote Control Outlet Switch, and the iHome Smart Plug also have great reviews.
  3. Doorbell cameras. You can virtually answer your front door with a doorbell camera. It allows monitoring of activity with built-in motion sensors that send alerts when company arrives or when packages are delivered. And with HD cameras that can record suspicious activity, you will always have a close watch on your home day or night. The Vivint Doorbell Camera™ is a versatile product that lets you see everything outside your door at any time…

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