10 items to leave out of your wallet

10 items to leave out of your wallet

It’s simple for thieves to turn plain, old regular crime into cyber crime – if you give them the right information.

Over time, it’s easy for your wallet or purse to become stuffed full of crucial information – receipts, PIN numbers and social security cards – that thieves can use to access your online life with only a few clicks.

Keep only what you need in your wallet and purse and keep your online life secure. Use the infographic below to help determine what should be, and more importantly, what should not be in your wallet.

  1. Social Security Cards
    + are a gateway to identity theft
  2. Blank Checks
    + are effortlessly forged and cashed
  3. Birth Certificates
    + make it easy for identity thieves to impersonate you
  4. Passports
    + contain vital information that make it simple for thieves to steal your identity
  5. Receipts
    + aren’t just bulky, they contain information that can help a thief guess[…]

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